Banana Boat

One of my favorites was the Banana Boat ride. It is great for every member of the family because the ride is fun for all ages.  Boat is a great way for a group to have an exciting, speed-induced ride off the beach. It is basically a long inflated banana-shaped raft where you sit and it has handles in front of you where you must hold onto, as the boat is tied to a speed boat which drags you across the beach.





Boracay is also known for its lively nightlife. There are many different nightlife venues to choose from like crazy parties, bars, to lounges with live music.

I love the parties and lounges in Boracay. When I feel like wanting to have a calm enjoyable night, I’d go to lounges which are located right beside the beach. Musicians play different types of music from and its really calming, perfect for a group of friends who just wants to drink beer and talk.

Most people usually want to get “crazy” for the night and get wasted or just want to have a wild nightlife, and that is why there a many bars with parties in Boracay. The DJs’ music play varies, they never play the same style of music. Sometimes when the crowd gets bigger, they have to extend the dance floor onto the beach.